About One Eye Photo

One Eye Photo.

Selections of photography by Tom Houtman.

Why the name? Well, I have both of my eyes and they work fine. I chose the name to represent the cameras decidedly monocular and narrow view of the world. You only see what's in the photograph, and I'm not above staging subject matter for an image.

This blog was started as an extension of my first blog, piclash. This site is back loaded for about the first fifty something photos with what I feel is the best of piclash. I'm not sure yet how I'll handle posting to the two blogs, but for now One Eye Photo will be getting the single, day to day postings.

I've been practicing photography for about a year now and have recently started shooting and processing black and white film. I shoot with a Nikon D70, Seagull TLR, and a Minolta X700 35mm.

I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan. 99% of these photos are from the area.

email: oneeyephoto(at)gmail.com

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